Sonntag, 6. September 2009

Doomtown - Forever Fucked LP

Für Fans von Bombenalarm und Burial unumgänglich, weil nämlich, so wie das Label nämlich einst (2005) schrieb:
"Excellent new German band, with members of BURIAL, BOMBENALARM and more, playing some awesome straight forward hardcore with a slight Japanese edge to it... similar to BURIAL. Na siehste...

01. forever fucked
02. where they want you to be
03. authority under control
04. never believe
05. no ligt at the end of the tunnel
06. another truth another lie
07. doomtown
08. dead life
09. shitting blood
10. wet grave
11. in the shadow of the pig
12. self-righteous pigs
13. who then
14. like an ethnic cleansing
15. cold outside
16. fuck that shit


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